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Business control is the basic foundation of any successful organization. It encompasses the strategies, systems, and practices that ensure a company’s resources are effectively utilized, risks are managed, and goals are achieved. GRC – Governance, Risk and Compliance is a comprehensive framework that provides businesses with the tools and strategies needed to achieve operational excellence while maintaining integrity and compliance. At KOLATH we work with clients to create bespoke Business Control and GRC frameworks. We have a proprietary software tool ValidatElia to verify and validate effectiveness of Business Control and GRC in real time. We maintain independent dedicated team on an outsourced model for real time assessment and monitoring of Business Control and GRC for clients.

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How KOLATH contributes in Business Control and GRC

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Mitigate Risks

Internal Controls

Performance Metrics and KPIs

Control Environment

Technology and Automation

Continuous Real Time Monitoring

Change Management

GRC Excellence

KOLATH can work with an enterprise team to foster the change management by prioritizing operational efficiency, risk management, and performance measurement leading to successful implementation of Business Controls and GRC in real time.

Experience and Insights

Corporate Catering and Facility Management: At KOLATH we manage a team of 20+ resources across India to provide Concurrent Verification and Validation of Business Controls across 40 plus locations spread over 14 states across India on real time basis for a listed company. The team visits, verifies and input data into the ValidatElia digital tool which has automated Validation capabilities. The engagement commenced in March 2022 and have generated more than 10,000 reports till date. The operation efficiency, profitability and cash flow have increased significantly and the measurability has impressed the client.

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